Utility Data Consent

Updated December 2021

If you provide Wildgrid with your utility account information (including account number or bill), you authorize Wildgrid or Third-Party Vendors (“Third-Party Vendor” as defined in our Terms of Use) to request and review your historical electricity data (for example, the history of your electricity usage, your rate class, your service address) from your local utility. This information can be accessed for a period of no more than six months if you do not become a Wildgrid or Third-Party Vendor customer.

If you decide to become a customer with Wildgrid or a Third-Party Vendor, you will need to provide your electric utility account information. This information may be needed to provide Wildgrid or the Third-Party Vendor’s services, including, for example, to determine the solar production required to offset your usage. You authorize Wildgrid or the Third-Party Vendor to request and review your historical electricity information and your invoice history from your local utility as long as you are a customer.

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