High quality leads who are ready to go solar.

We connect you with real customers in your local area.
We educate them about cost, scope, and process—realistic expectations mean happier clients.

We're looking for the best local installers with top customer service. If that is you, apply to join below!

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Why Wildgrid?

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Vetted leads, matched to you.
We only send you leads that match your services.
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Not a price competition.
We know the lowest priced proposal is not always the best.
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Booked appointments.
You can focus on selling, not setting appointments.
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Support local installers.
Local gems only! There are no big national chains or EPCs here.

Partnership FAQs

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  • How much does it cost to join?
    It's free! You only pay when you win.
  • What types of solar companies can list?
    Rooftop solar, community solar, & ESCOs.
    We're always looking for unique solar solutions, so if you don't fit into the categories above, contact us! We'd love to chat.
  • What are Wildgrid's fees?
    We charge 2 fees: 1 fee for booked appointments & 1 fee when a contract is signed. Fees differ for different companies (rooftop, community, or ESCO). Contact us for a pricing sheet.
  • How do you qualify leads?
    We learn everything we can about the homeowner's property, roof, & utility bill. Then that info gets shared with you if you're a match.
Every person on the planet deserves affordable access to renewable energy.