Solar Basics
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How Does Community Solar Work?

The short answer:

Community solar is the service of subscribing to an off-site solar farm in your area.
Solar farm is just a fancy way of saying large scale solar installation, there are no chickens.
(Sometimes there are goats, but that's another story!)

The long answer:

Here are 5 things to know about community solar.

1: Anyone can sign up.

  • Rooftop solar isn't for everyone. Maybe your roof is too shady or you live in an apartment & can't purchase solar panels.
  • When these scenarios happen, community solar is the next best option.
  • Business and office buildings can even sign up! Pretty cool.

2: No upfront costs.

  • When you subscribe to a community solar project, there is no upfront cost.
  • You do not own the solar panels & they do not get installed on your property.

3: You can save money!

  • Even though you don't own the solar panels, you get some of the financial benefits!
  • You can expect to see a 10-15% discount on your monthly electric bill.

4: The clean energy does not technically come to your home.

  • Example: Let's say you live in Brooklyn, NY and you sign up for a community solar project operating 10 miles away. The electricity does not get routed from the farm to your specific home. It just enters the grid.
  • While you may not be directly consuming that clean energy, you are generating more LOCAL clean energy and saving money. That's amazing.

5: Dependent on your local area.

  • Sadly community solar projects are not everywhere yet, it really depends on your area.
  • You might have to wait a few months before a project opens up in your area.

Local solutions are the best.

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